Workstations - keeping health in the workplace!

All the doctors around the world are talking more confidently about the importance of taking care about their health in the workplace.
An average human being spends about a third of his life in the office.
Just imagine – it’s very remarkable figure. Scientists have been saying that when we sit, the load on our spine increases by 40%, and the blood supply slows down by 12%. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to posture and body position during work.
According to scientists, a long stay in a sitting position, can lead to diseases such as osteochondrosis, scoliosis, obesity and cause heart problems. According to experts, a sedentary lifestyle can double the risk of developing diabetes. In addition, the statistics reported a sad fact - the cause of 9% of deaths in the world is the result of a lack of physical activity.

To reduce the risk of developing such diseases and improve physical condition, health experts advise using workstations as an alternative to a standard workplace. Their use will avoid damage of wellbeing caused by prolonged sitting.

One of the most important advantages of a workstation is the ability to move during the work day. Standing about 15 minutes per hour and at least two hours a day, you can reduce the negative effect from sitting position.

ONKRON workstations with shelf for keyboard, mouse, and second shelf in order to accommodate additional devices (for example, a tablet) assume a desktop (W3GD and W4GD models) or wallmounts (W5G and W6G) are able to insert one or two monitors, which makes these products unique in their field.

It will be much easier to work with rotated screen more than 180 ° and a strong mount that gives stability to monitors at any height.

A thin compact table can actually surprise with its durability. It remains stable during any office work: typing on a computer or making entries in the diary.
Another one additional advantage is the ability to adjust the monitor at eye level and at arm's length.

Among other things, the workstation will help you save space by making office space as functional as possible.

Another advantage of the design is the gas spring used in the mechanisms of workstations. It makes it possible to easily adjust them vertically according to individual needs.

In additional, the device has a handle for fixing the gas lift, which allows you to temporarily block the vertical movement.

By choosing ONKRON workstations, you will be able to maintain your health: keep your posture under control, move and change position from time to time.

Today, many large leading companies use them for their employees, taking care of the health of the staff, because it is not a secret for anyone that a harmonious workplace directly affects the ability to work and success in work!

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